Useful Tips For Custom ID Cards

ID cards are widely used nowadays by all companies who want to limit the access inside their facilities to the large public and only allow employees or registered guests to enter their premises. Apart from being good for the security, ID cards ensure a safe working environment, away from possible violence or inconveniences. However, designing and printing the best ID cards for your own company may become quite a struggle, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are plenty of websites promoting full customization for your ID company cards and, if you want to find out more, you can simply check this website Follow the next tips if you want to make the most out of your ID cards and have all of your employees happy:


One of the key aspects to any ID badge or card is to make it durable enough to resist constant friction, everyday use and stick to constant temperature and climate changes. It is best to choose ID cards made from strong and durable PVC that can last you up to five years. Paper ID cards are extremely easy to break and will most likely get to the garbage bin after only a few months. Other special departments requiring even more endurance, durability and flexibility, such as police departments might want to seek composite ID cards, made from a mixture of PVC and other durable compounds.

Encoding your ID cards

Another important feature to look for if you are running a big company is to add encoded information about the user of the badge. It can be originally included in the card by using smart chips, barcodes or magnetic stripes. Apart from allowing your employee access inside the facility, encoded information ID cards grant access to certain restricted areas depending on the employee’s level, and might add other vital information about the people working for you. In addition, you can easily manage to track your employees by the time they check in to work, exactly how many minutes do they spend during their lunch break or when do they leave the facility.

Extra security features

Most ID tags, badges and cards feature the photo of your employee. However, if that is not secure enough for your company, you can add extra security features such as digital signatures or fingerprints printed on the card. Unfortunately, this type of technology is quite expensive and we only recommend using it if your work inside the company is top secret or actually require additional security features.