Myths about Stethoscopes – Things You Need to Know Before Buying One

Stethoscopes are an important tool for a medical professional. They are usually used to detect the heart beat of a person. There are many myths and misconceptions related to these medical instruments. For an aspiring doctor or a medical professional, handling a stethoscope can be a new experience.

What stethoscope is and what it is not

Stethoscopes have amplifiers. They amplify the sound of the lowest decibel. However, do not use a stethoscope for eaves dropping a conversation against a wall. They are not fragile and are robust. They are strongly built can be used for the longest of time. A few people think that this instrument can catch minute viruses and bacteria that go undetected and can interfere with the diagnosis. This information is yet to be verified.

Different types of stethoscopes

  • An acoustic stethoscope was the originally created instrument that is still used by doctors
  • The bell and diaphragm are used interchangeably by doctors for this during diagnosis
  • The electronic stethoscope converts sound to electric signals
  • The cost of this stethoscope is high and can be used in a wireless environment
  • A recording stethoscope helps doctors record variety of sounds from different organs
  • Fetal stethoscopes are used by doctors on pregnant women
  • They are different in design and make; and look like a trumpet

Pointers for medical professionals

These are the basic varieties of stethoscopes available. An aspiring medical professional needs to know the use of each type to be able to use them effectively. You will find more information on this website about stethoscopes.

They must not be put to any other use apart from diagnosing the patients. Each and every type of stethoscope has distinct features and characteristics. Medical professionals can choose the type of stethoscope as per the diagnosis needed. Electronic stethoscope is usually not used by doctors because it is not easy to use.

Most of the people think that a stethoscope is used to listen to the heart beats. In reality, the heartbeats generate pressure waves, whose sound can be heard through this instrument. You cannot hear the sounds of the body organs using this instrument.


The two basic varieties of stethoscopes are widely used as they can be used for diagnosing multiple ailments. Only when wireless or remote monitoring is required the electronic stethoscope is used, where distance from the patient is required to maintain.