“Hunters Against Hunger”: Bipartisan Legislation at Its Best


Sen. Kendall Van Dyk (D-Billings) and Rep. Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon) brought forth a bipartisan effort to end hunger today at the 63rd Montana Legislative Session. The bill, “Hunters Against Hunger,” was heard by the Senate Fish and Game Committee this afternoon. There were no opponents.

Senate Bill 123, introduced by Van Dyk, gives hunters the option of donating $1 or more to help end hunger when applying for big game licenses. This money is then used to pay for processing of wild game donated to the program, so that it can then be sent to Montana’s food banks and shelters.

In a press release Sen. Van Dyk, the bill’s primary sponsor, said, “This is the kind of solution that makes Montana a better place to live, work, hunt, fish and raise a family. Montanans don’t care if ideas are Democratic or Republican, they want us to work together for common-sense solutions that make a real difference in their daily lives. This bill does just that.”

In addition to addressing the problem of an inexcusable number of Montanans facing hunger, the bill will provide a solution for property owners dealing with large populations of deer and elk on private lands, and will give hunters an extra hunting opportunity beyond their personal food needs.

Most impressively, this will all be accomplished without costing taxpayers a dime. Welborn and Van Dyk set a shining example of bipartisan teamwork producing common-sense solutions that benefit all Montanans.

Written by MDLCC Legislative Assistant Cassie Hintz

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