Fixing The Worker’s Comp System


Governor Brian Schweitzer today invited Republicans Sen. Jim Peterson and Rep. Mike Milburn to his office to discuss several issues the Montana Legislature is currently facing.

One issue they discussed was the much needed worker’s compensation reform. All three elected officials agreed the worker’s compensation system currently in place, that was spearheaded by current gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill, is not helping businesses or workers in Montana.

Governor Schweitzer also made it clear that we can’t simply accept any change, but must properly vet the system to ensure that it not only lowers costs but also provides adequate care for injured workers. When Rick Hill spearheaded our current worker’s compensation system, he did not properly study the changes and the system has been damaging for businesses.

Schweitzer went so far as to say that he’s not inclined to support a bill that doesn’t make the right changes to our current system. He was clearly talking about the current GOP worker’s compensation plan that does nothing to improve the system in the state, and instead simply cuts benefits to workers who are injured in the line of duty.

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