How to Add Cheers to the Festive Season

Leave alone the artificial Christmas trees that adorn many homes and commercial points during the festive season. The fragrance and beauty of a real Christmas tree take the cheers of the season a notch higher. It goes without question that most, if not all homeowners would want a fresh, live, and vibrant Christmas tree. More about the trees are available at Xmas Tree Express.

Where to find

To avoid the last minute rush when everyone is looking for the same thing, it is advisable to shop early. Buyers should visit their local home depots and place an order for the Christmas tree of their choice. From the depots, buyers can find a wide range of Christmas trees grown meticulously to deliver the perfect shape and color. In the end, buyers can have the wonderful look and fragrance right inside their houses or in a place of their choice.

Here is a selection of the top-rated Christmas trees that buyers can consider.

The White Pine: With a full appearance and minimal or no fragrance, this tree poses no allergic reactions to the people around. The soft, blue-and-green needles grow to about five inches long. Besides, its needles can last for the entire festive season. It requires lighter and smaller decorations because of the slender branches.

The Scots pine: Popularly known as Scotch pine, it is the most widely available type of Christmas tree. It has stiff branches with dark-green needles of about one inch long. It can hold the needles for 28 days and the needles can remain steady even when the tree is dry. The appearance of this tree is open, with enough room to accommodate ornaments. Its aroma stays throughout the festive season.

The Virginia Pine: With a fragrant pine scent, it is a popular Christmas tree in the Southern parts of USA. It has dark-green needles between 1.5 and 3 inches long. The branches are strong and can hold heavy decoration.

The Fraser Fir:  scientifically baptized Abies fraseri, this Christmas tree has dark green and flat needles between 0.5 and 1 inch long. It can retain its needles and produces a nice fragrance. The branches are upward, pyramid-shaped, and strong.

The Grand Fir: the scientific name is Adies grandis. This tree has shiny needles that can produce a citrus-like scent when crushed. The needles are fairly long, between 1 and 1.5 inches long.

The Noble Fir: this Christmas tree adorns blue-green needles that appear silverfish. The branches are short, stiff, and can contain heavy decoration. The tree has a good ability to retain the needles. It is ideal for making wreaths, garlands, and door swags.

There are more Christmas trees to grace the festive season, this list just gives buyers a head start.