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Serving her second term in the Montana House, Representative Virginia Court is using her 25 years of experience as a small business owner to invigorate Montana’s economy and keep it on track.

Representative Court knows what it takes to run a successful small business, and she knows what it takes to ensure that our economy is healthy and robust. She also knows that the two aren’t mutually exclusive; employing a majority of Montanans, small business serve as the backbone of our state’s economy by creating well paying jobs and supporting Montana communities.

Dedicated to putting Montana families and small businesses first, Rep. Court describes the necessity of having a business-savvy point of view at the Montana Legislature on her official website:

I started and operated a successful small business in Montana for 25 years. I know firsthand what it takes to keep this vital segment of our economy strong and growing.

On top of being a champion for small businesses, Rep. Court stands up for public education, good government, and conservation. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Montana State University which she uses to stand up for preserving our outdoor heritage and protecting the Montana we love.

Clean air and water allows Montanans to enjoy a high quality of life, and Rep. Court is making sure that lifestyle isn’t threatened.  After working as a Park Naturalist for Yellowstone National Park, she understands the need to conserve and use our resources wisely and make sure that public lands are accessible to the public.

Thankful for the opportunity to represent Montanans in the State Legislature, Rep. Court is leading with hard work and responsibility. She is using her skills and experience to make the tough decisions, and work for commonsense solutions to the challenges facing our state.

Written by MDLCC Legislative Assistant Cassie Hintz

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Senator Shannon Augare is a hardworking community leader from Browning with a history of public service and dedication to economic development and Montana values.

A member of the Native American Caucus, Senator Augare has taken on leadership roles at the legislature and on the Blackfeet reservation for a number of years. He uses his role at the legislature to deliver commonsense solutions for American Indian communities, and all Montanans.

Representative Augare looks out for Montana’s best interest by promoting clean energy in Montana. This type of responsible and forward thinking action protects Montana’s land and preserves it for future generations.

Emphasizing teamwork and cooperation, Representative Augare garnered the respect of elected officials and citizens across the spectrum. Emphasizing community development, he strives to put Montana interests ahead of party interests; getting the job done by working with whomever it takes.

Representative Augare has earned a national reputation for his work for rural-America. Along with extensive experience in this field, Representative Augare’s creation of green-jobs provides Montana with more job opportunities. This work not only benefits the environment, but also supports the Montana economy. A strong economy means more jobs and economic opportunities for all families.

With optimism and plans for the future, Representative Augare has traveled to all 50 states to meet with state officials, spreading hope for productive growth in rural-America and Native Americans.

Augare strives to promote equality in opportunities and find bipartisan solutions that include every Montanan. He knows how to work on both sides of the aisle to achieve results for everyone, and is determined to make progress for our state.

More on Augare from Center for Community Economic Development

Written by MDLCC High School Intern Bailey Clark

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Representative Kathleen Williams is a second term Democrat using 25 years of experience working for the forest service and state government, and a Masters Degree in Recreational Resources, to fight at the Montana Capitol for policies that contribute to a healthy economy and protect the Montana we love.

With experiences in natural resources, economics, government, non-profit management, community planning, and running a small business, Rep. Williams has built the skills necessary to lead Montana with honor and dignity. She is a proven problem solver, and is ready to negotiate for informed and responsible solutions to Montana’s problems. She talks about the importance of working together in an interview with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

I believe the most successful way to increase the integrity and function of the Legislature is to put policy above partisanship, treat all participants as colleagues, focus on the issues most relevant to the state, be informed, work to find solutions and help others do so, and lead by example.

Rep. Williams is dedicated to addressing the concerns and needs of the Montanans she represents, and takes the time to listen to their needs. She is very accessible, and encourages her constituents to share their ideas and opinions, so that she can most accurately represent them.

Shaping her legislative priorities around the concerns of her district as she hears from them, Rep. Williams is working for a healthy sense of community, a strong and diverse economy, a quality and accessible public education system, affordable and quality healthcare, a balanced budget, and clean air and water and access to rivers and streams.

After working hard to build relationships within the legislature and around the state, Rep. Williams is serving Montanans with commonsense and efficiency. Valuing hard work and collaboration over party politics and out-of-state interests, she puts the people first in everything she does, and makes sure that everyone gets a seat at the table when decisions are made for Montana.

Written by MDLCC Legislative Assistant Cassie Hintz


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While only in his first term, Representative Ed Lieser-D, is already working hard on bills that parallel his life’s work. With a degree in Natural Resource Management and a background in the workforce with the Forest Service, it is no surprise that Rep. Lieser supports bills aimed at stimulating local growth and protection. 

Dedicated to public service, Rep. Lieser is also a member of multiple organizations at home in Whitefish. Along with his Society of American Foresters Flathead Chapter Forester of the Year 1999 award, Lieser designed and set in place timber projects on National Forest Land and founded a council that provides grants to private landowners.

As stated on his official website, Lieser is fighting for bills that help hardworking Montanans and improve government. HB 531 calls for revision of exemptions for certain divisions of lands.  HB 461 increases pensions for volunteer firefighters. He also is sponsoring two bills that support public libraries by giving them the option to opt-out of the county library system, dismissing them from liability for taxes used for county library purposes (HB 380).

A quick look bills sponsored by Rep. Lieser proves that he follows through with his goals. His background in forestry and undeniable care for local communities guide his commonsense solutions to promote the rights of Montana residents. For Lieser, protecting Montana and our public lands is a must.

Lieser knows the meaning of “actions speak louder than words”, and the importance of local communities and environments. That is why he is pushing for bills that generate the strength that these issues deserve.

Written by MDLCC High School Intern Bailey Clark


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Categories : Media

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