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Today members of the State House stood together in support of a bi-parstisan policy to assist veterans returning home with affordable housing. Sen. Cliff Larsen had introduced Senate Bill 136 which added additional funds to the Veterans Home Loan Program.

This was supported by both parties; however three particular Representatives had the gull to tell Veterans that they don’t deserve to be taken care of when they return home from protecting our freedoms. Rep. Daniel Zolnikov (R – Billings), Rep. Dave Howard (R – Park City), and Rep. Dave Hagstrom (R- Billings) have voted against this program. They were the only three out of the 150 person Legislative body to vote against taking care of our Veterans.

Luckily, this piece of legislation will move on from the House, and those who have served and sacrificed for our country, with honor and dignity, will receive the welcome home that they deserve.

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Sen. Art Wittich has introduced yet another tax break for millionaires in Montana. Senate Bill 394 seeks to give tax breaks to the wealthiest of Montanans, leaving working families across the state responsible for funding the bulwark of the state’s revenue tax burden.

Governor Bullock has proposed a more equitable tax proposal, introduced by Rep. Chuck Hunter as HB361, this common sense legislation would return $400 per Montana homeowner. HB361 still sits in House Tax committee after Democrats tried, and failed, to bring this legislation to the floor. This legislation would leave grain in the bin for property owners, while stimulating the local main street economy.

Unfortunately, the GOP leadership’s agenda puts out-of-state special interests ahead of working Montana families and small businesses across the state — those that help sustain our local economies

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Today two bills to make government more effective will be heard in Senate State Administration. They seek to protect firefighters, those who keep our community safe, often on a volunteer basis

HB461, introduced by Rep. Ed Lieser, helps leave some grain in the bin in taking care of our Firefighters after spending their lives serving our community. This plan would keep our promise of a secure retirement to the men and women who servce as firefighters.

SB361, introduced by Sen. Tom Facey, follows suit.  Sen. Facey’s bill would take care firefighters who have been hurt or injured on the job.
These pieces of legislation strive toward solutions that work for the Montana families who often times sacrifice the most.

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Today Rep. Amanda Curtis introduced HB490, the Hire Montanans First Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation. Unfortunately, GOP members of House Business and Labor decided that putting Montanans to work was not at the top of their priority list.

More from the Billings Gazette:

Gov. Steve Bullock and a Democratic legislator from Butte on Wednesday pitched a bill that would require contractors on publicly financed projects to hire Montana workers for at least three-fourths of the jobs.

 “If taxpayer dollars are being used on state and local projects, it should be Montana companies that are getting the contract and Montana taxpayers who are getting the jobs,” said Rep. Amanda Curtis, who’s sponsoring the bill.

However, the Republican leaders of the legislature decided to protect a system that lets out-of-state special interests hire out-of-state workers, at the expense of jobs for Montanans.

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Democratic legislators know that when it comes to tax cuts, we should talk about Montana-made small businesses first.

That’s why Rep. Mary McNally (D-Billings) has introduced a bill to cut taxes for 11,00 small business across the state, helping them free up funds to hire new workers.

More from the Billing’s Gazette:

The bill would propose taxing those businesses with $100,000 or more in equipment, up from the current threshold of $20,000.

 The Democratic governor’s office says the change would mean 11,000 small businesses in Montana would no longer pay the tax.

Rep. McNally’s bill is a responsible and bi-partisan solution to job growth across Montana. This bill puts hardworking Montana families and small businesses first while creating more jobs and opportunities for all Montana families.

Thank you Rep. McNally, for your dedication to Montana values.

Rep. McNally’s bill is HB332, read more about it at this link.

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