Courage, Not Cuts


Nearly 500 people came to the Montana Capitol today to rally against the GOP’s unnecessary cuts to vital services such as public education, health and first responders.

These cuts are not only disturbing, they are unnecessary. The Governor has presented the legislature with a balanced budget, that fully funds these services. These cuts reflect the values of the GOP legislators, because they are unnecessary.

At the rally, a Montana firefighter spoke about the good work that our public employees such as firefighters, nurses and teachers do. These are the people that protect our communities from disaster and disease and help our children achieve their full potential. Recently, firefighters have come under fire from GOP lawmakers. He also spoke about the need for courage in our budgeting process; not cuts.

As we come closer to the half-way point of this legislature, budgetary debates are likely to heat up even more. It’s important that lawmakers know Montanans don’t support these unnecessary, devastating cuts. These cuts would hurt our economic progress now and in the long-term.

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