How To Select A Personal Computer

A personal computer is a basic need for many people due to the advent of technology and the new focus on eCommerce. It is hard to recommend the best brand to an individual because people have different needs and preferences. Some need simple machines because they perform light tasks while others run robust applications which need high-end machines. Follow this checklist when selecting a new computer.

Screen Quality

If you spend considerable time on your laptop, then you need a good screen that will not harm your eyesight. Modern laptops come with touchscreen displays which are somehow glossy. Such machines produce reflections which are not good for your eyes. The resolution is another important factor as it ensures you view things clearly. A full High Definition screen will be 1920*1080-pixels.


Whether you want to acquire a desktop or a laptop, the size is an important consideration. 12.5 to 13.3 inches is the most recommendable screen size for a portable laptop. Ultrabooks are usually slim and light which makes them a favourite to many people. The desirable weight should be between 1 to 1.5 kg for a laptop.


You have to consider the performance of the desired machine according to your needs. Anything above Core i3 is a good fit for the modern world. Core i5 processors can handle multiple tasks such as games and are suitable for programming. Core i7 are the best performers and most fit for multitasking. Check the type of fans because some machines can overheat if you use them for long.

Keyboard Quality

You have to ensure that the computer comes with a comfortable keyboard for long typing sessions. The ideal keyboard should have full-sized keys with some space in between the arrows.  A comfortable layout accompanied by keys with a high snappy responsiveness is desirable. A backlit keyboard allows you to type even when working in dimly lit areas.

Operating System

The most popular computers’ operating systems are Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. You have to ensure that you can easily get updates of your desired OS. You should learn how your preferred platform works and its compatibility with other devices. You can view some of the latest Windows keys here and make your preferred choice.

Selecting a personal computer is an easy task if you know the preferred features. You need to set a budget and then shop around to get the best deal.